The Contemporary Alexander School presents

The High Art of Touch

an experiential workshop for those who use their hands to help others

led by Robyn Avalon
Director, Contemporary Alexander School
Alexander Alliance International/USA

Sunday November 11, 2018, 10 - 5
$175/$135 Early Bird (by 10/11)

Touch is one of the most innate, personal, and effective tools for connecting with
another being. Many of us support, move, nurture, educate, and rehabilitate others
directly through touch. We have all learned particular techniques related to our work,
but beneath all of the techniques there is an underlying way of being which profoundly
impacts how and what our hands communicate and how they are received.

You will learn how to take better care of yourself while you work. Learn to give support,
nurturance, comfort, power, and ease to a person through your hands by being,
supported, well nurtured, comfortable, powerful, and at ease in your own being. We will
help you learn how to do this for yourself. Learn to cultivate hands that are, at once,
soft and powerful, light and deep, stabilizing and mobilizing, quieting and energizing.

This one day workshop will offer a sampling of the range of topics which will be
covered in depth in the upcoming one year Professional Certification Course coming to
Iowa City in 2019:

  • the physics and metaphysics of touch
  • touching the ‘being’ through the body
  • developing a tactile palette
  • cultivating hands that can ‘see’
  • accessing the ‘3rd hand’
  • touching the dew drop and the ocean

The Contemporary Alexander School is also offering workshop attendees:

20% off a package of lessons with local Alexander Teacher Anita Mischuk
2 days of attendance at a CAS training event, free of charge
5% off the Alexander Alliance International Summer Event