“The Alexander Technique helped me find my voice. Now it allows me to put my voice out there and help others through teaching.”

-Anita Mischuk

Anita Mischuk is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and owner of ATMW. She was inspired to learn the technique after a personal experience.

After a few voice lessons, Anita realized she had tension in her body that came from habits she wasn’t aware of. As a result, she started studying the Alexander Technique. Through learning AT, her experience of singing transformed.

This change rippled from her music studies into all aspects of her life. It was this monumental shift that drew her to becoming a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Anita grew up in Germany. She has three masters degrees from the University of Cologne — in French, History, and Education. She has been a passionate teacher for most of her career. 

After four years of training to complete her course with the German branch of the Alexander Alliance International and with teachers from the US, Germany, Japan, France and Spain, Anita moved to the United States in 2017. She now teaches the Alexander Technique in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding communities. Her goal in Dayton is to teach people to gain more ease and freedom in both professional and everyday life.

Anita’s passions include singing and playing the recorder. She also enjoys kayaking, taking Nia dance classes, and going on long walks with her husband and their two dogs. Her current studies are dedicated to holistic health. Anita is also a hypnotherapist practitioner.

Intense shoulder and neck pain first brought me to Anita, after a trusted friend had highly recommended Alexander Technique for this purpose. Already after the first session, I experienced great relief. Anita's hands-on practice together with her gentle guidance and patient explanations, dramatically reduced the pain and I regained my range of motion. After that, I regularly returned for individual sessions, and an occasional workshop, sometimes because old back pain or osteoarthritis flared up, sometimes just to be reminded and encouraged to move with greater ease and trust. Anita's intuitive diagnostics and practical guidance have helped me to overcome physical pain and regain balance and joy of movement.
Michaela Hoenicke Moore